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Hearing Protection

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Bilsom 303l Foam Plug

Price: 1000.00 - 5000.00 INR/Piece
  • Product Type:Foam Plug
  • Weight:10-20 Grams (g)
  • Gender:Male
  • Material:Polyurethane Foam
  • Delivery Time:10 Days
  • Supply Ability:100-500 Per Month
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Bilsom 304l Foamplug

Price: 250.00 - 2500.00 INR/Piece

Patented Conforming Material Technology uses body heat to adapt to the individual shape of each wearers ear canal. Delivers superior comfort and a truly individual fit.Energized for personal comfort and performance. • Tapered design for ease of insertion. • Leight Stripe™ formula: a slick blend of yellow and white polyurethane foam that feels soft to the touch and in your ear. • Easy to roll and insert correctly: Resists tendency to back out of the ear canal. Less expansion pressure for long-term comfort. • Smooth, soil-resistant skin prevents dirt build-up on earplugs. • Available in two sizes to ensure a perfect comfortable fit. Ref. Description Packaging 10 001 06 Bilsom 304 large (corded) (L) Box of 100 pairs 10 061 86 Bilsom 303 L Box of 200 pairs

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Qm24 Muff Headphones

Price: 200.00 - 2000.00 INR/Piece

• Dielectric construction suitable for all workplaces, especially electrical environments. • Patented Air Flow Control™ for optimum attenuation across all frequencies, without increasing size or weight. • Uniform headband pressure for all head sizes, providing better comfort for long-term wear. • Non-deforming outer headband withstands rough treatment in the toughest workplaces. • Quick-click height adjustment remains fixed during wear. • Snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy. • Comfortable over-the-head design ideal for many applications. • Ventilated inner headband minimizes pressure on the head and guarantees increased breathability in warm/humid climates (T2 and T3 only). Ref. Description SNR 10 109 70 T3 SNR 36 10 109 29 T2 SNR 33

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Bilsom 303l Foam Plugs

Price: 1000.00 - 5000.00 INR/Piece

The Leight® Source 400 dispenser can be fixed to a wall or placed on a table or workstation. Entirely transparent, it can be refilled before it runs out. This system dispenses earplugs with a twist knob, and can hold 400 pairs of Howard Leight single-use earplugs, such as Max, Max Lite, Laser Lite, MultiMax, Matrix, Firm Fit and Bilsom 303. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Ref. Description 10 062 02 Leight Source 400 dispenser, supplied with

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Ear Headphones

Price: 200.00 - 2000.00 INR/Piece
  • Delivery Time:10 Days
  • Supply Ability:100-500 Per Month
  • Dimension(L*W*H):6.02 x 6.22 x 3.78 Inch (in)
  • Gender:Male
  • Weight:500 Grams (g)
  • Product Type:Headphones
  • Material:Plastic
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Clarity Ear Cups

Price: 2000.00 - 5000.00 INR/Piece

Ear cups snap in place during use and swing back when not in use. • Ear cups work with a wide range of hard hats. • Pair of 3711, 3712 & 3721 adapters included. Ref. Description SNR 10 112 62 C1H SNR 26 10 112 64 C3H SNR 30